Selkie model kayak made by Valley Canoe, Nottingham, England
16' 6" long, 23.5" wide
weight approx. 57 pounds - fiberglass construction
retractable skeg, white hull, red deck
Expedition equipped with two bulkheads, lifeline, recessed deck fittings, and recessed deck mounted compass.
Two new watertight hatch covers with stainless steel locking rings.
Deck mounted bilge pump allows you to pump out not only your own boat, but your buddie's boat as well.
Valley Selkie model kayak

View of rear deck, showing deck mounted bilge pump and rig for
quick-attachment and quick-release of a paddle float for self rescue.
Also visible are the forward bungies for mounting a spare 2-piece paddle on
the rear deck.
Selkie rear deck

Forward half of Valley Selkie kayak showing deck bungies,
recessed deck-mounted compass, and forward hatch.
Selkie forward deck